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Brakel Atmos

Our approach

Integral solutions: daylight, ventilation, fire safety and maintenance

Our Brakel Atmos organisation includes specialists in the areas of daylight, ventilation, fire safety and maintenance. These specialists have a deep and broad knowledge of their respective fields. Together they create optimum and integral solutions for comfortable and safe living, working and recreation in buildings.

Project-based approach: customisation

At Brakel Atmos we leave nothing to chance when it comes to the delivery of customised projects. We work in close consultation with the other party - be it the client, architect and/or contractor - in the construction process, right from the design stage. Our point of departure: to make a proactive contribution to the development of flexible customised solutions. Because every situation is unique and has specific requirements.

Project management and project teams

Brakel Atmos works with project teams that are made up of project managers, constructors, project engineers, buyers, planners and specialist fitters. The project team is responsible for the project and ensures that the envisaged result is achieved. 
For you as our client, it means you will always have a single point of contact

Everything under our control: short lines

Brakel Atmos manages every aspect of its projects, from product development and R&D to project preparation, production, installation and maintenance. This means that the lines are short are customised solutions are possible.