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Brakel Atmos

R&D / Certification

Research & Development: functional and sustainable solutions

The point of departure for Brakel products, systems and solutions is customisation. Which means that Research and Development fulfils a key role in the Brakel Atmos organisation. It enables us to respond quickly to market demands... whether they concern aesthetic desires or requirements dictated by regulations. There is an increasing demand for sustainable solutions. Our sustainable solutions are included in our Green Building Program.


Delivering quality is priority number one at Brakel. Whether it concerns the quality of products, the production process, the organisation, advice, installations or maintenance. Independent organisations have awarded Brakel with the following certificates to date: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VCA**, CO2 performance ladder, level3, Kiwa-NCP certified smoke ventilation company, VMRG quality label, AluEco certificate, VEBON certificate, EN 12101-2, EN 1090, KOMO, BOSEC. To the certificates

Our R&D team

  • is up to speed on the latest regulations
  • is actively involved in the creation of standards and rules
  • makes complex calculations
  • carries out EN 12101 inspections
  • carries out testing such as fire, endurance and wind load tests
  • is responsible for product innovations
  • develops energy efficient systems and concepts
  • develops calculation programmes such as simulation models for atria and industry

Brakel Development Centre: international knowledge sharing

Brakel has an international network of specialists in the areas of smoke and heat exhaustion, ventilation and glass constructions who strengthen each other and complement each other‘s knowledge and experience. Their main focus is therefore always on innovations and improvements. Characterised by an international orientation, our R&D specialists share their knowledge in the Brakel Development Centre.