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Brakel Atmos


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It is a legal requirement to have smoke-and heat compartmentation in buildings. They are indispensable and perform an important function: in the event of fire, the building is split into smaller units which prevents smoke and heat from spreading over large areas. Compartmentation simplifies fire suppression because the fire service can concentrate on a smaller section of the building. The risks presented by smoke and heat can be limited with the use of compartmentation.

Compartmentation methods

There are a number of options: compartmentation in the form of structural
provisions or by using mobile applications. These create smoke-free zones that can not only be used as escape routes, but also limit the damage to goods and buildings. Brakel Atmos can offer advice at the preliminary design stage regarding the intelligent application of (mobile) fire screens, together with proposals for the optimal lay-out of the building. All Brakel Atmos systems have been rigourously tested by TNO and have received the appropriate certification.

Demand for open buildings

Shopping centres, care homes, offices, industrial buildings and other
places where the general public can be found are starting to prefer the open
building concept. Fixed passive smoke screens would be totally out of place in such surroundings. Rolling smoke or fire screens can offer the desired openness while also providing a balanced aesthetic solution.

Smoke screens

The Brakel Atmos smoke screens satisfy EN 12101-1.



Fire screens

The Brakel Atmos Fire screens have been tested by TNO in accordance with NEN 6069.

Fire resistant glass constructions

Aesthetics and daylight access is extremely important. A fire resistant glass construction, or a glass construction in combination with a fire screen may be preferred to a firewall.