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Brakel Atmos

Fire alarm system(s)

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The aim of the fire alarm system is to identify a fire at an early stage, locate it and to warn users of the building and the fire service. This will allow the fire to be tackled quickly and for measures to be taken to ensure the safety of people and their surroundings and to limit or prevent accidents and damage.

Time is of the essence, fast detection ensures:

  • the building is evacuated and any injuries or fatalities are prevented;
  • the fire service is informed immediately, attempts can be made to suppress the fire quickly and rescue operations can start;
  • the damage to the building and environment is limited.

The fire alarm system is the heart of the security system. The system detects not only smoke and heat, but also CO/LPG and controls other systems, such as the SHEV systems, compartmentation, evacuation, overpressure and jet systems.

Certified Fire Alarm Systems

The requirement of such authorities as the municipalities and fire service for a fire alarm system certification is becoming far more frequent. Brakel Atmos is a NCP certified fire detection company.

Further information about certification