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Brakel Atmos

Evacuation systems

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The purpose of an evacuation alarm system is to ensure fast and orderly evacuation of the building (section) in the event of fire, a bomb alert or any other potential hazards. The evacuation alarm can be issued to all occupants of the building by way of an audible signal and/or an announcement. Evacuation alarm can also be issued to selected users of the building by way of a silent alarm. Brakel Atmos has followed the guidance described in NEN 2575 when advising the use of a silent or audible alarm (or combination of both). The evacuation systems can be divided into two subsectors:

Evacuation system - type A

A type A evacuation system which uses an announcement and satisfies NEN 2575 is one of the safest solutions for a controlled evacuation.
The highest priority during an emergency situation is that all occupants are brought to safety as quickly as possible and without panic. People react quicker to the spoken word and clear instructions will be more effective in leading them from danger.

Evacuation system - type B

A type B evacuation system has been designed either to be incorporated into a fire alarm, or to be combined with a fire alarm system.

A silent alarm

Silent alarms can alert certain groups of individuals which will enable them to undertake certain actions to prevent panic situations.
Depending on the application and the situation within the evacuation area the following silent evacuation alarm methods may be used:

  • silent alarm with warning panels at selected locations;
  • silent alarm using coded messages via the sound system;
  • silent alarm with person tracking system.