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Brakel Atmos


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Increasing demand for certification

Obviously, the need for fire safety provisions in a building to provide a safe environment in the event of a fire is extremely important. This is why the authorities are demanding that projects are certified with far more frequency.

Certified for smoke management and fire detection

Brakel Atmos is a certified smoke management company that employees qualified authors and service/maintenance technicians for compiling any necessary Schedule of Requirements. We are therefore authorised to issue certificates that represent a guarantee of expert advice, systems of the highest quality and professional maintenance.

Certification and enforcement

The enforcement of fire safety in a building is just as important as the installation of high-grade fire safety provisions. Logistical changes, change of use and/or alterations to the building can influence the fire safety of a building considerably. Certified projects should be subject to annual maintenance which requires a maintenance contract.

Trained person

It is also a legal requirement that any organisations with certified smoke ventilation systems and evacuation systems should employ a manager, otherwise known as a Trained Person. This employee is responsible for inspections and the management and maintenance of the fire safety provisions.