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Brakel Atmos

Skylights, rooflights, glass facades

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Overdue maintenance results in a leakages and a build-up of grime

Throughout the working life of a skylight or facade it needs to be regularly maintained. Overdue maintenance can lead to skylights starting to leak and becoming dirty with all of the nasty consequences. A building with a dirty or leaking roof soon loses its appearance and becomes economically less attractive. These problems can be avoided if Brakel Atmos is allowed to carry out regular maintenance.

Skylight inspection and guarantee

Annual inspection of skylights and glass facades is extremely important, especially because adequate maintenance is an important condition that needs to be met before any guarantee is given. Example: a guarantee is only issued for powder coating if it is cleaned in accordance with VMRG guidelines.

The condition of skylights is monitored by our maintenance technicians during the annual inspection. We look closely for faults and any damage. Furthermore, any faults and/or shortcomings are rectified immediately whenever possible.

Minor maintenance

During minor maintenance we repair or replace any visible shortcomings and damage including glass breakages, we carry out work on the sealant joints and we check the critical points of the glass constructions.

Major Maintenance

As the years pass, it will be necessary for major maintenance to be carried out on the skylights. Brakel Atmos not only engineers and creates new skylights, but it is also just as specialised in their maintenance and renovation...

Please contact us if you would like us to carry out an inspection.

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