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Customised advice for renovation

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Renovation and legislation

Legislation is important when it comes to renovations. Certain legislation needs to be satisfied even with existing buildings. Brakel Atmos is always up-to-date with current legislation and will be happy to offer advice customised to your requirements.

Replacement of components

When it comes to components of a fire safety system, it is worth remembering that fire safety provisions installed and approved during the construction of the building (legally obtained) - can sometimes no longer apply. Sometimes these need to be adapted to meet with the current fire safety requirements.

Existing buildings (legislation)

The 2003 Building Code has a lower level of acceptance for fire safety for existing buildings than for new builds. Fire safety levels for existing buildings are - from a social point of view - no more than what the authorities deem to be an acceptable level. In practice, these levels are often far from acceptable.

In cases where the fire safety requirements that apply to existing buildings are insufficient, the municipality has the option to demand a higher level of fire safety (possibly to match new build requirements). Should the owner of the building decide to ignore any recommendations then the municipality will issue a written (mandatory) request to increase the level of fire safety. This is addressed in the Housing Act. These additional requirements do need to be justified (per case) by the municipality.

Unlike the Building Code, the Use Ruling does not differentiate between existing buildings or new builds when it comes to any provisions or measures to be taken. All buildings need to be equipped, for example, with at least a fire alarm and evacuation alarm system where this is required by the User Ruling.


Should it not be possible to satisfy the requirements of the municipality in accordance with the 2003 Building Code then for example, a smoke management system can be installed based on an equivalent system. A smoke management system will be required to have sufficient range to meet with current standards and/or guidelines to achieve certification.

Customised advice

After considering the above issues, we will replace a component with the same component(s) or we will adapt the system to satisfy current legislation.

The Brakel Atmos fire safety specialists are happy to advise you on any measures that need to be taken and can carry out any replacements/adaptations required. It is usually possible to replace fire safety provisions without the need for any structural changes.

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